Getting Busy

My “first-born” screenplay, Afterlife,  has been written; now the real job begins…selling it. 

My good friend, and fellow screenwriter, JC Vincent, says writing screenplays is like eating candy…oh so sweet and very satisfying.  I agree, and have to add, that for me it’s like first love…I can’t get enough of it and it’s all I think about when I’m not doing it.  Now that I’ve written my first screenplay, and rewritten, and rewritten, I’m ready to create new characters, get them up the tree, and start throwing stones. 

Thanks to the Willamette Writer’s Conference in Portland, Oregon, I’ve been schooled in the industry and have a game plan ready for the next step in my new career. 

First, seek out independent production companies who are willing to produce original works that aren’t owned by major toy makers or the comic book industry, or have been adapted from a successful novel or television series.  I get it…the big guys stick together, and they’re very wealthy for it…and I also get that they like the idea of having a built-in fan base before they sink millions into production. 

Second, find a manager who knows the business and can put my screenplay in the hands of producers who want to make movies that will feed the soul.

Third, stop messing around on the internet and get busy creating the next great story.


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