Screenplay Collaboration

After months of creating a story and characters, and making the choice to bring in two other screenplay writers to collaborate with, I have finally put fingers to keyboard and have started outlining the scenes.  This is only my second screenplay, but I’m reminded of how amazing it feels to begin the process of getting the idea out of my head and seeing it unfold on the laptop screen.  I’m a busy home school/ stay at home mom, and I try to fit my screenplay writing time in when my daughter is in home school classes at Village Home. Now that I’ve started the typing,  I think I’ll start to make more time in the evenings and weekends too.  In my mind, the story is very clear, but my collaborators are still getting on board, so we still have some work to do there.  I would like to finish this screenplay and have it critiqued by some local script readers by the end of March.



  1. carlosmovies · · Reply

    how is the screenplay coming along?

    1. Our first draft was completed in July, but with other projects, and family life consuming most of my time, I haven’t had the chance to get back into the story and make the necessary revisions. I consider my first two screenplays as learning projects and plan to move forward and come back to them in the future. As you might understand, so many stories, so little time. I have an idea that I’m developing and have written the first seven pages. I need to work on time management and figure out how to make the time to allow my creative juices to flow. The collaboration on Going My Way went okay, but I think I do better writing solo with feedback and critique afterward. Thanks for the interest. I always enjoy talking screenplays or film making.

  2. Collaboration is always a tricky thing. Better go it alone.

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