Getting back to the story

I did it!  I finally sat down yesterday for a morning session and created.  I added four pages to my untitled screenplay, which brings it to a total of eight.   I was hoping to get to page ten and wrap up the introduction of my main characters, but the dialog just wasn’t flowing like I would like it to and I needed to rewrite numerous times.  I’ve approached this screenplay haphazardly and probably need to take a step back and work on the character bios.  While writing yesterday, I had characters changing roles, scenes needing to be rearranged, dialog added where I thought I was good, so the character development is probably necessary to get the momentum going.  

While writing my first screenplay, I could go in spurts and write ten to thirty pages a day, so writing four pages in three hours isn’t the most satisfying experience.  But at least I’m back in the story and will hopefully be able to continue the flow.


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  1. Jen Randolph · · Reply

    Keep up the good work! Thanks for the support =)

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