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Getting back to the story

I did it!  I finally sat down yesterday for a morning session and created.  I added four pages to my untitled screenplay, which brings it to a total of eight.   I was hoping to get to page ten and wrap up the introduction of my main characters, but the dialog just wasn’t flowing like I would like […]

Seriously Long Dry Spell

It’s been months since I’ve dedicated myself to working on a new screenplay…life with two teenagers and a never-ending pile of dishes have kept my creative juices suppressed.  I’m having the hardest time getting into the zone and it is extremely frustrating.  I’ve played with a few ideas, written a scene or two, but that’s it.  […]

Reading “Rebel without a crew” by screenplay writer, director, and producer Robert Rodriguez

I’ve just started reading, so not much info. to share yet.  This book was given to me by a new friend, and fellow screenwriter, who understands my passion for wanting to be a film maker.  I love the author’s voice and am looking forward to experiencing his ride.  His passion and drive to create movies […]

Contiue to rewrite my first screenplay, or begin the next?

Finishing the first draft of a screenplay is a very satisfying experience…having to rewrite it numerous times to improve the overall flow and dialog has not delivered the same satisfaction…but the rewrite is the real job, and from what I understand from the Pros, your screenplay usually isn’t finished until it hits the screen….that’s fine, I’m in it […]

Getting Busy

My “first-born” screenplay, Afterlife,  has been written; now the real job begins…selling it.  My good friend, and fellow screenwriter, JC Vincent, says writing screenplays is like eating candy…oh so sweet and very satisfying.  I agree, and have to add, that for me it’s like first love…I can’t get enough of it and it’s all I […]