My Screenplays


Afterlife  An Action/Thriller that tells the story of motocross circuit hopeful Tristan Dawtry, the golden boy of Idaho’s Teton Valley and The Grand Teton Range, who goes from hero to zero after he’s taken down by a ruthless vampire, Alexis, who wants to claim his soul for herself. While Tristan struggles to resist his new instincts and comes to terms with the loss of his life, tensions grow with Alexis as he continues to choose protecting his human family over joining her young coven.  When Alexis tries to take the life of his human bride, Tristan makes the ultimate choice and his heroic destiny in the afterlife is determined.  His journey from all American boy to lethal vampire will thrill the hearts of vampire romance fans.


Going My Way  Soon to be 30-year-old Jocelyn Landry, a people pleasing successful Boston area hospitality host, finds her world turned upside down when her live in/co-worker boyfriend of four years informs her that he’s in love with another woman (who happens to be a younger co-worker that Jocelyn has been mentoring).  Jocelyn decides to leave Boston and head back home to Portland, Oregon to start over again.  In no hurry to go back to the starting line, Jocelyn rents a car and decides to take the slow way home.  Her overbearing, mother hen of an older sister is not thrilled by this idea and drives her husband and teenage daughter crazy with her overly anxious worrying.  Things get worse for big sis when she learns that Jocelyn has picked up a hitchhiker, Conor, who also happens to be bound for Portland and is leaving his wealthy family behind to secure a simple life as a beer maker in Oregon.  The journey across the country will teach them both about family and what’s really important in life, especially when they pick up escaped nursing home couple Bud and Poppy who are out for one last journey of their own.



  1. Why don’t you have links up for the screenplays? one link does not work, says page not found

    1. I hadn’t considered posting the actual scripts. Both of the screenplays that I’ve completed are in the process of being revised and would not be suitable to share at this point. If you’re interested in reading screenplays for education, I believe that I’ve posted links to sites where writers share their scripts for critique. If you’re interested in my specific scripts, then let me know your intentions and I would be happy to arrange for you to take a look.

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